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released May 15, 2012

Music by Anthony Garcia
Lyrics by Skyler Nohrenberg

Artwork provided by Greg Hitt.
Link to his page:

Axefx Ultra, Ibanez RG7421xl, Bareknuckle Nailbombs, Superior Drummer 2.0, Izotope Ozone



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Aerodyne Flex Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Strange Vessels
How can I pretend to live my life,
when I don't know my purpose?
What is our purpose, will it reveal itself in time?
We are opaque in design.

Our world comes crashing down.
These structures we've built crumble to the ground.
Break through the lines, and forever we shall thrive.
This is our revolution, let it begin.

Throw away everything we have learned, every truth,
every niche we have grown to know gone.
This insanity will never subside. Amidst collapse all will align.
The truth is locked away deep in our minds.

How can we pretend to live our lives,
when we don't know what we're fucking fighting for?

There is no purpose, only unanswered questions

There will never be an answer why,
so we just look to the empty sky.
Stare at the sun.
Track Name: Bloom
So here I am again,
waiting for the world to pull me under.
Waiting for deliverence,
waiting for this faceless god to reveal it'self to me,
and guide humanity.

We are eroding at this sphere that brings life and death.
Why can't we see that it's us not the enemy?

I don't think you will ever learn your lesson.
You've always ran from your reflections.
You're so scared of what you've become.

We are products of deciet. We spread these lies like a disease.
We have been cursed by the prophets word,
passed down and distorted by ages.
You compensate a dream just to sustain your morality,
you condense the mind of a child in bloom.
Compensate a dream just to sustain your morality.
Condense the mind of a child in bloom.

So here we are again, waiting on nothing.
Only one thing is certain.
We will all be forgotten.
Track Name: Carbon
Oh, how the seasons come and go.
We age and wither with the trees.
The leaves are falling from the branches,
and i am falling through the seams.

Another year passes by, and I'm still left in the cold.
Again, I find myself asking why.

The water stops flowing,
and I feel as if I'm frozen in time.

Oh, how the fog blinds us from the truth.
Just take my hand and I'll lead the way.
I feel as if I'm frozen in time.
We always take the snow covered path.

The ice thins, making it hard to stand our ground.
Brace yourself for the fall.

We knew this day would come.
We knew one day our foundation would shatter,
leaving us broken. We all are broken.

My love she knows that time is never on our side.
This ship's come and gone and left these feelings behind
of misery, of solitude, of everything i could never do.
Track Name: Downpour
I see the clouds approaching,
oh how they pray for rain to wash us all away.
Maybe we can start again, and begin a new day.

Now I see how fast my days fade away. Fade away.

You took all that I had to give.
We always take the hand of the wicked.
We are always defacing the things we cannot comprehend.

The image has been painted into the mind.
Learn to read between the lines.
Now we have been blinded by the lies.
Track Name: Oni
The clock is always ticking in the depths of our minds.
When will our time run out?
We obsess over this thought until it becomes everything we are.

We need to that time will never wait,
and that every second we are closer to the departure of this life.

Once we accept this we can breathe again.
To live what a sad thought.
We are all here for a limited time.
Everyone you know will vanish in this eternal sleep.
I will admit that I am scared.
We are all parched like a desert.

We turn to false prophets for comfort and closure.
You cannot keep lying to yourself and the fucking world.

The human life so precious, but so easy to destroy,
like a bird in the palm of a man.
I can't force this thought from my head.
It haunts me. Let the clock consume you.
It haunts me.

The clock is always ticking in the depths of our minds.
With time you will heal.
Track Name: Requiem
This place seems so familiar,
but we all are lost in the dark.
History is repeating, and the future is unfolding.
This cycle is never ending.
There is no escape.

These memories haunt our lives they crawl through our minds,
replacing what is real.
I am lost.

We put this mask over our face to hide the shameful truth.
We've forgotten who we truly are.

We are a nation grown on fear.
We're all fucking gone.
Fucking gone.

We are alone and scared.
You left us to die in the shadows.

These memories haunt our lives.
These memories crawl through our minds.

Are you out here?
Can you hear my screams?
The absence is stronger than ever.

History is repeating.
The future is fucked.
The cycle is never ending.

Just look at all the evil around you don't let it consume you,
don't let it become you.

These memories haunt our lives they crawl through our minds,
replacing what is real.
I am lost.
We are all so lost searching for answers,
searching for the truth,
but we're all fucking gone.
Track Name: Transmissions II: Lose
Are you out there?
Can you hear my screams?
The absence is stronger than ever.
Is there anything watching our desolate lives,
or are we all just left in our own ignorance?

What were we put here to accomplish?
Are we just here to ruin and destroy?
This world is so empty and cruel.
I feel the weight of the waves now pulling me under.

The reason for the clouds I bring is to
keep our dreams within reach.
Endless taunt of benial wonder, and I wonder if i'm alone?
To lose and gain this.

Will you pull me out of the water my brother?
Take my hand and save me from this world.
We are all just trying to come back to reality,
but what is it really?

We are digging our own graves.
It is only a matter of time until our faults reach us.

I try and mend myself to reveal a new form,
but it seems hopeless.
I push myself to fathom the truth,
but i fear I never will.

I am in a coma within myself.
Please wake me i know that I am dreaming;
this cannot be real.
I'm in a coma within myself.
Please wake me i know that i am dreaming.
Track Name: Transmissions III: Gain
Figures come to me at night,
they drag me to a candlelit hall.
I am filled with fear,
fingernails scratching.
My sight becomes nebulous.

There is no liberation,
only impurity and regret.
Every fiber is replaced with hate and envy.

Once you open your eyes you are lost,
a walking nightmare.

The eyes of deception are staring at me.
No one is safe, no one is immune.
Deliver me.

Anguish washes over me.
Screams fade into the emptiness.
The sound brings me chills.
They poison your mind.

They poison your mind with immorality.
You will never be the same again.

The truth is within our grasp,
but once again we open our palms.

Deliver us.
The truth is in our sight,
but once again we look away.
Track Name: Transmissions IV: Endless
Sometimes I let my mind alter this reality,
and make it seem complete,
but when I open my eyes, I see all the flaws.

We will never reach the stars.
We fade into oblivion.
The age of oppression is now upon us.
All innocence is lost.

When I look at this world
I can't help to ask why,
why we all are so lost,
lost in this void.

We have yet to find the true light.
Find the true light.
The time is now to overcome.
We have yet to find the true light.
The time is now to overcome.

Deterioration of intellegence,
eradication of a race fueled by hate.
Our very fate unfolding at your hands.

We are eroding at this sphere that brings life and death.
The light dims,
and regret takes the place of dreams.
Memories fade.
Dreams never come to be.
I lay and wait for the tide to carry me away.
We will all fade in this endless sea.
The mind becomes faint.
Dreams never come to be.
Memories fade.
Dreams never come to be.
Now I am falling I'm drowning I'm fading in this endless sea.